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Nowadays it is absolutely impossible to imagine the technology development without alternative sources of energy. The alternative to the carbohydrates, the amount of which runs short, are issues of current importance. Solar industry is one of the fast growing leaders in the list of non-traditional energy sources, but nobody knows, what kind of energies will be traditional in 50-100 years.

The base for solar cell is and probably will be silicon. The change of silicon is still very expensive and ineffective.

Helios Resource produces bases in the form of mono- and multicrystalline wafers. In Helios Resource we embodied our more than 15year’ experience of working in PV industry.


Helios Resource today is:

progressive technological solutions
the most modern equipment together with
permanent scientific research of new growing and cutting methods
Constant quality control and immediate information processing, steady contact with our clients

Today our monthly production is 1 000 000 wafers and we are continuing to increase our production capacities in 2007 up to 1 800 000 pcs per month.

Our production  is located in Mitishi, Moscow region, , which is known as a motherland of highly qualified personnel in the field of working with poly and mono silicon. Developed infrastructure and reasonably priced energy let us produce hi-tech competitive product.



We are always happy to have new friends!

company news

Invitation to visit us at PV Show Valencia Spain September 2010..

Additional casting machines installed?

Helios run PV Solar Park in Germany?
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