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H e l i o s R e s o u r c e – A c h i e v i n g   t h e   G o a l
Helios Resource (previously known as Elma-Phytol) is a Russian manufacturer of silicon ingots and wafers.
HR is an experienced, medium-sized company. Most of us have more than a 15 year experience in producing Cz monocrystalline silicon ingots and wafers to photovoltaic and semiconductor markets. This year we have also launched the multicrystalline production.

Today our monthly production is about 1’000’000 wafers and more then 16’000 kgs of ready ingots.

Our new production plant, located 10 km from Moscow, allows us to optimize and concentrate complete production cycle and gradually increase our capacity up to 2 million wafers per month in the first half of 2007.

It is well known that the actual demand of the World Market is to supply a High Quality Product. That is why we apply a Quality Control System during the whole period of production cycle:
»with raw material and consumables incoming control;
»including continuous control on the all stages of the production cycle;
»continuing by checking final product (ingots, wafers);
»and finishing when we response to our customers' needs.
As for our place in the World Market — we understand it pretty clear. Our aim is to supply products of high quality and on time, completely responding to customers demands. Long lasting business-related and reciprocal collaboration is our main antecedence. We'll do our best to justify our customers' expectations.
Company Profile

• Company name :

Helios Resource

• Status :

Closed corporation

• Established :


• Number of employees:


• Head office & Production facility address:

Olympisky prospect, 42
Mitishi, Moscow region, 141006, Russian Federation
Tel. :   007 495 728 75 48 International Department
007 495 583 14 13 Reception
007 498 687 06 50 Sales Department
007 498 687 06 90 Purchasing Department
Fax:   007 495 583 16 12
E-mail:   info@hr-pv.com
Web site:   www.hr-pv.com

• Product range:
» Monocrystalline silicon ingots
» Multicrystalline silicon ingots
»Monocrystalline silicon wafers
» Multicrystalline silicon wafers
• Helios Resource is also pleased to provide the following Services:
» Wire saw slicing
» Crystal growing
» Silicon feedstock processing
company news

Invitation to visit us at PV Show Valencia Spain September 2010..

Additional casting machines installed?

Helios run PV Solar Park in Germany?
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